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This is a property report showing a historical list of commercial and industrial users occupying a site, including the years of operation and the types of use. The report also provides the titles and author/publisher of any environmental assessment reports that have been written and submitted to The City of Calgary. Included with the searched address is the same information for adjacent properties, within 100 metres of the site. If petroleum tanks had been used on the primary site prior to 1996, the report will confirm the number of known tanks. The report is a compilation of known information from The City of Calgary Climate & Environment business unit. It is not a complete Environmental Site Assessment and does not replace the services provided by a qualified Environmental Consultant. EnviroSite provides a starting point for collecting and investigating the environmental state of a property.

Product details

Contact Business Unit Email
Contact NameContaminated Sites, Climate & Environment
Contact Phone311 or 403-268-CITY (2489)
File TypePDF
Tax ExemptYes