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Steps to create a corporate account:

Fill in company information and indicate the type of profile from the list below.

Corporate accounts required approval from The City of Calgary. You will receive an email when your account is approved with more information. If you have questions or require assistance with this form, please contact City Online at 3-1-1 or (403) 268-2489, if outside the local Calgary calling area.

Which Profile is right for you?
City Online Subscriber
  • Paid by monthly invoice.
  • No need to enter payment information for each purchase of property information reports.
  • Select this option if you purchase a minimum of $25.00 each month.
  • If your monthly purchases are less than $25.00 per month, a monthly billing charge of $25.00 is automatically applied to your invoice.
  • The charge is waived only if your monthly total is $0.00.
Approved Vendor
  • No charge account for access to data for City of Calgary projects.
  • Contact your City of Calgary project manager to request access to City of Calgary data.
Alberta Land Surveyor
  • No cost access to Legal Survey Fabric and Ownership Parcel Fabric for registered Alberta Land Surveyors
  • Select this option if you are a registered Alberta Land Surveyor.
Tax Special Agent
  • This profile is for government agencies only.
Joint Utility Municipal Project
  • This profile is for local utility and communications partners only. No cost access to surface and underground data of existing and planned infrastructure.

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