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1. Introduction

  1.   1.1 Products menu
  2.   1.2 Top bar
  3.   1.3 User Guide to New City Online (PDF)
  4.   1.4 Company Administration Manager user guide (PDF)

2. Purchasing Products

  1.   2.1 Adding products to shopping cart
  2.   2.2 Making a payment
  3.   2.2.1 Purchases using credit card
  4.   2.3 Shipping/Handling
  5.   2.3.1 Pick up items
  6.   2.4 Refund policy

3. Searching City Online

  1.   3.1 Performing a map search 

4. Encroachment products

5. Supporting Documents

  1. Metadata Documents
  2. Property Information Sample Reports

1. Introduction

Welcome to City Online. We've compiled a comprehensive help section for your reference and to assist with navigation through the website. If we've missed any answers to your questions, please let us know.

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1.1 Products menu

All products that are available for sale or download are listed under the Products menu. Products are grouped under the following categories:

  • Property Information
  • Geospatial data
  • Maps and Drawings
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Services
  • Documents
  • Mapviewer
  • Become a Partner

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Each product category that is listed under the Products menu may have up to two levels of sub-categories. For example, Maps is a product category which has Digital MapsGeospatial Data - By Section (License)Geospatial Data - City Wide (License) and Paper Maps as sub-categories.

To view products that belong to a specific category, click or mouse-over the desired category from the Products menu. In case the selected category has sub-categories within it, then select the sub-category to which the product belongs to. Based on your selection, the product will get displayed in the Product Listing page. For example, if you want to buy a book named “Watermarks - One Hundred Years of Calgary Waterworks you will need to adhere to the following selection sequence.

Maps Geospatial Data - By Section (License) > and then Digital Aerial Survey (DAS) >“Digital Aerial Survey (DAS) by Section - AutoCAD (City Standard)”

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1.2 Top bar

Along the top of the screen is a stationary navigation bar that has the following links:

  • Contact Us takes users to the online form which routes information requests, comments or suggestions to the 3-1-1 operations centre.
  • Switch your profile
  • Sign in (My ID)
  • Search allows you to search for products and services offered by City Online. Type a keyword or product name click the “Enter” key or click the “magnifying icon”.
  • Cart displays the list of items you have placed in your cart, and provides you with a total dollar amount. Here you can update your cart, and proceed to checkout. 

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2. Purchasing Products

You can buy products from the City Online portal based on their availability. Products generally fall under the following ‘Availability’ statuses.

  • Available

Unless stated otherwise, products listed as "Available" are shipped to you. If you wish to purchase a product or service on City Online that is not listed as available for pickup, please contact the respective business unit as they may have a physical sales/pick-up location.

  • Temporarily Unavailable

Products may be "Temporarily Unavailable" if they are sold out, unable to ship or if City Online is experiencing technical issues. In some cases, City Online is not the sole method of sale and the product may still be purchased either in person or through another method. Contact the respective business unit on the product page for further information. Contact information (e-mail, phone and web site) for individual business units appears on the bottom of each product's page.

  • Available for Download

Many digital products are available for immediate download. Some physical products may also have a downloadable component, such as a manual or map.

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2.1 Adding products to shopping cart

  1. Select the product from the Products menu or from the results obtained from a search.
  2. Click Read More to view the Products Details page which contains information like the product’s price, shipping/handling costs, tax exemption details, product description, quantity, availability, etc.
    Note:The product variant if any will appear in the drop-down list. Pricing details may vary based on your selection of product variant.
  3. Click Add to Cart (below each available item). The items and price will be updated in Your Shopping Cart below the top banner. If the product or service (example, EAI products) requires certain specific information, you will be prompted to insert values in a form. At this point, you may still cancel or modify your order.
    Note: Perform steps 1 to 3 to add more products to your shopping cart.
  4. Click Your Shopping Cart (below top banner) to view all items in your shopping cart and make the desired changes if any.
  5. Click Removeto remove items, then click Update Cart. The item will be deleted from your cart and the new cart will be displayed.

Enter the desired number in the Quantity box then click Update Cart to change quantities. The new quantity and sub-total will be updated on the page.

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2.2 Making a Payment

Once items are added to your shopping cart, you can proceed making a payment for them.

  1. Click Proceed to Checkout once the items and quantities you would like to purchase are in your cart. You will be taken to the Check Out page.
  2. At this point, you may still cancel or modify your order by clicking Return to Cart.

Note: If you are a ‘Company’ user, you can purchase products that will be invoiced in your company’s name. If you are an ‘Individual’ user, you will need to pay using your credit card.

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2.2.1 Purchases using credit card

  1. On the Check Out page, select the Payment Type as either ‘Credit Card’ or 'Interac'. City Online accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  2. Click Next. The Billing Information page is displayed.
  3. On the Billing Information page, enter the values in the required fields.
  4. Click Next. If you have selected any licensed product, you will be prompted to enter into an online licensing agreement. You will then be asked to read and agree to the License Agreement by clicking "I Agree"Only License Products will appear on the License Agreement. All non-licensed products ordered simultaneously will be displayed on the Order Review page following the License Agreement.
  5. Click Submit Order to continue.


  1. At any point before proceeding to Order Confirmation, you can modify or cancel your order by clicking Return to Cart.
  2. If you had selected a Service/Form product, the associated service charges will appear as a separate item in the Order Review page. In that case, you will need to add the charges as a separate product to your shopping cart, and then Update Cart before continuing with Proceed to Checkout.
  3. You will be connected to a secure server and prompted for your credit card information.
  4. The Billing Address information get automatically populated based on the values you inserted before.
  5. Select ‘Shipping Address same as Billing Address’ if your Shipping Address and Billing Address are same. If not, insert values into the Shipping Address fields.
  6. In the Payment Information section, enter details such as the Name on cardCredit Card TypeCredit Card NumberExpiry Date (month and year).
  7. If you have any comments/additional information, you can mention the same in the Comments box.
  8. Once you submit your credit card information by clicking Checkout, your transaction will be complete.
  9. An Order Confirmation screen will appear, summarizing your order details, transaction success/failure information, order date, order number for a successful transaction. You can print the ‘Order Confirmation’ by clicking the printer icon.

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What happens once your transaction is processed?

  1. Once the transaction is complete, a receipt is displayed and a copy of the receipt with the order details is sent to your e-mail address.
  2. Click Continue displayed at the bottom of the screen to proceed.
  3. If you have purchased downloadable products, clicking Download will take you to another screen where you can download your products. Check off Include Explanatory Notes to include all related notes to your download (if applicable). If you purchase multiple downloadable products, click Download All. You will be prompted to save a Zip file to your desktop. To unzip your files, use your User ID as the password.
  4. All customers who order downloadable products will also be able to download their purchased items under 'Order History' on the 'My Account' page.
  5. If your order contains physical products to be shipped, the purchase information will be forwarded to the appropriate City of Calgary business unit or affiliate for fulfillment.

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Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) will apply to most products purchased from City Online. Certain items may be tax exempted, in which case this will be indicated by the words "Tax Exempt: "Yes" on the Details page for the respective product. 

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2.3 Shipping/Handling

Orders will be shipped from City Online via Canada Post. Shipping charges are stated on the product Details page and are subject to change. The total Shipping/Handling costs for your order are summarized on the Order Review page prior to entering your credit card information. Shipping and Handling charges are subject to GST.

City Online will only ship to Canadian addresses. We will not ship to P.O. Boxes. Some products are subsidized for Calgarians, and as such may not be available for shipping outside of Calgary. This will be indicated on the product's detail page. Such orders will be cancelled and the transaction voided. International delivery is not offered. If you wish to place an order from outside Canada, please contact the specific business unit for their policies regarding International shipments, NAFTA certificates, etc. Unless otherwise stated on the product's Details page, we generally ship within three to seven business days. Most orders are shipped much faster though- usually the next business day.

Whenever possible, orders consisting of multiple items are shipped together. Occasionally we may need to ship items in several packages, in which case the packing slip will reflect this.

In some cases, products are available at no charge as a public service. However, shipping charges may still apply. See the product's Details page for this information.

Note: Shipping may take from 5-7 business days. Allow extra time around holidays.

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2.3.1 Pick Up Items

Occasionally, due to size or other reasons, a pick-up option may be designated for a product at a specific location stated on the product's Details page. Information about the pick-up locations can also be found here. Pick-up hours will be stated, but if in doubt, contact the respective business unit to confirm hours of operation.

Customers ordering items for pick-up are required to bring a copy of the e-mail receipt along with the photo identification, to the pickup location to claim the purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The products must be picked up within two business days of order placement. If the order also contains 'Available' items then we expect to send these out within three to seven business days. There is no provision to pick up shippable items at the same time as customer pick-up items. Customers will be billed for the full amount of their order once shippable items have been sent.

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2.4 Refund policy

The City of Calgary does not provide refunds or returns for products ordered and downloaded or delivered through City Online, unless you have a Company account, and your request falls within the terms of 2.6. If a publication or product is delivered to you in error, please use the Contact Us page immediately upon receipt to arrange for the appropriate replacement products or files.

Do you have any inquiries related to our products or services?

Please direct product specific questions to each City of Calgary Business Unit responsible for that product. You will find contact information listed within the individual product descriptions. If you have any questions or comments about using City Online that are not answered here, please visit our Contact Us page.

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3. Searching City Online

Map Search Tool

Our dynamic GIS map interface can be used for both reference and to purchase items through the City Online storefront.

When opening the GIS map, you will be redirected to City Online with the map opening as a pop-up window. Please disable pop-up blockers to allow this to happen.

Search visually using map features and the zoom/pan functions or use the Search Icon to enter specific criteria. Search directly by parcel address, community, ATS section number, or Electronic Block Profile. 

The default map parameters are a scale of 1:294518, with only select layers enabled:Standard Dynamic Layers> Registered Ownership Parcel AND Calgary Basemap> all layers. At this view, the City of Calgary is displayed with minimal detail, making it the ideal starting point to form a search. Add map features by selecting the Layer elements from the Layer Legend. Use the arrow tool to select enabled map features. Add any item to the cart by selecting products from the Reports tab (text products) or the Download tab (spatial data).

As an example: to view the ATS section layer overlayed on the City of Calgary basemap

  • Select the . Standard Dynamic Layers are enabled at various map scales. Use the zoom tool to activate the respective layer(s).
    Select the Layer Legend>Section. Standard Dynamic Layers are enabled at various map scales. Use the zoom tool to activate the respective layer(s).
  • Use the Select tool to highlight one or more of the section.
  • To purchase section information, select Download> by Section OR Standard Spatial Standard Spatial Standard Spatial Data by Polygon.

These steps can be applied to any of the Standard Dynamic Layers to purchase these products:

  • Digital Aerial Survey by Section
  • Digital Elevation Model by Section
  • Orthophotos by Section
  • Ownership Parcel Fabric
  • Sanitary Utilities by Section
  • Storm Utilities by Section
  • Water Utilities by Section
  • Electronic Block Profile
  • Community Maps Transnet

To select property information, search by address and then select the Report Icon and choose from the reports list. Learn more about the Map Search Tool by visiting the City Online Help for Map Viewer.  Learn more about purchasing by ATS section or by block profile.

ATS Section Numbering
Mapped data is licensed by section. The section reference number is a way of breaking down Calgary into managable pieces. The following is information to help you understand and search by section. The section reference divides Calgary into 286 map sections. As Calgary annexes additional land, new sections are added. The section reference number is broken down in the following example. A typical section reference number: 0924015. This number is broken down into these components.

  • Section: (09)
  • Township: (24)
  • Range: (01)
  • Meridian: (either West of the 5th - line between 29/1 OR West of the 4th - right hand side of 29/1)

For help finding a section, Land Use Maps are available on the Development & Building Approvals Web site. Click on the larger map to see the PDF map for a particular section. On the PDF map is printed the section reference number. With the section reference number, visit City Online and enter the number into the search engine. All maps available for that section will appear in the search results.

Learn more about purchasing by ATS section.

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3.1 Performing a map search

Mapped data is licensed by section. The section reference number is a way of breaking down Calgary into manageable pieces. The following information will help you to understand and search by section. The section reference divides Calgary into 286 map sections. As Calgary annexes additional land, new sections are added. The section reference number is broken down in the following example.

A typical section reference number: 0924015

This number is broken down into these components:

Section: (09)
Township: (24)
Range: (01)
Meridian: (either West of the 5th - line between 29/1 OR West of the 4th - right hand side of 29/1)

To do a map search,

  1. On the City Online home page, click on the 'Map Search' banner.
  2. From the map interface choose the product viz., City Online Reports, Map and Data. City Online displays the list of products applicable to the selected area on the map.
    Note: Map interface will only have the downloadable products for product selection.

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4. Encroachment product

For more information, please visit: