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Digital Elevation Model (DEM) by Section - ASCII 1M

This highly accurate elevation dataset of ground surface topography is derived from aerial Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). This 1m resolution version of the bare-Earth LiDAR DEM can be used for a wide range of applications such as 3D spatial analysis (slope calculations, profile creation, volumetric computations), engineering applications (land developments, road design, flood modelling) and 3D terrain visualizations, just to name a few. DEM of 2m and 20cm resolution are also available. It is available for immediate download with digital licensing. DEM maps are sold per ATS section. ATS Section naming structure: Section – Township – Range – Meridian (SSTTRRM) Data coverage is within the corporate city limits plus about 100 meters beyond.

Product details

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Contact NameCollaboration, Analytics & Innovation
Contact Phone311 or 403-268-CITY (2489)
File TypeZIP
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