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3D Building Models by Section - Shapefile

The city-wide 3D building models are multi-patch features that are derived from aerial LiDAR data. The rooftop surfaces are modelled with best fitting planes and the exterior walls are projected down from the outer edges of the roof extents to just below the ground surface. Buildings larger than 16 square meters and Plus 15s are modelled. Significant architectural features greater than 9 square meters are modelled. (i.e. small features such as HVACS, chimneys and antennas aren’t modelled) The aerial LiDAR data was captured between 2012 and 2018 with the latest city wide update being from August to October 2018. Attributes include City of Calgary SEID structure ID, building model last update, maximum rooftop elevation and min/max ground elevation along the perimeter of the building footprint. LIDAR Survey Point Density: 25 points per square meter (average). Mapping Projection: 3TM NAD83 Alberta 114W (EPSG code 3776). Vertical Datum: CGVD28 (GSD95 geoid).

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